A Spelling Bee Event Taking Place on Underground Theater

Let me ask you. Can you spell the word “FINALLY?
After almost 2 years of preparing for this event, the Underground Theater of Decatur, GEORGIA will be presenting the musical Spelling Bee event, those events will take place between 12 to 15 November and again at 19 to 21 November at Decatur Civic Centre.

The audience as well as the cast will definitely enjoy the performance.


The story of 6 students competing in a spelling bee competition is the main story of the musical. The show is brought to life by the unique characters, the audience however may participate and aid the cast along the way. ‘There are many moments with improv’ said C. Claros. We should be ready to go and on our feet.

It started being performed for the first time in 2005, the music of this event is original to the play. It includes touching and emotional music at least according to the director of the show. It;s quite possible that you will feel a deep connection with at least one of the characters of the musical – said the director K. Boarding. There is something relatable to everyone – he added.

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Some of the subject matter in “Spelling Bee” has adult themes. “But you have all this comedy inbetween,” Barding said.

Some of the subjects of the Spelling Bee have grown’s up themes but you have the comedy in between – Director Kim said.

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