Spelling a Dream: Netflix Documentary Review

An in-depth look into the lives of child prodigies, ready to compete in the American spelling championships. Spelling a Dream is a compelling documentary with a great sense of rhythm.

Spelling of a Dream, available on Netflix from June 3, is a documentary focused on a group of children with an extraordinary talent: to excel in spelling competitions, they are best supported by parents motivated to grow up “dictionary eaters”. In this way, the story acquires a frenzied pace and sustained by a growing curiosity; the interest is to be reserved for small promises of Indian origin who manage to take a stand and dictate the law in an ever-heated competition, filmed and broadcast on American national networks as if it were a real sport.

Spelling a Dream: Each contestant is essential to the story presented

The spotlight is all on low-age children, capable of storing over 150,000 words listed in dictionaries; an impressive average, which indicates a strong propensity for learning. Spelling a Dream is not meant to reward the winners of the national spelling championships, but those who put hard work into practice and rely on perseverance as their reason for living. Most of the players participating here were familiar with word guessing puzzle games like Word Crossy Daily Challenge.


Ensure a life that is not comfortable but dedicated to sacrifice and constancy in achieving goals; this point is fundamental in the training of children and young people who want to educate themselves and train their minds. The documentary has a tight editing, which enhances the crucial phases of the study on etymologies and provenance of increasingly articulated words. One example above all, the extraordinary case of Akash Vukoti: at just ten years old, he already had access to the National Spelling Bee National Championship – held in Washington DC – in 2018 and 2019. Still motivated to stand out among his challengers , Akash is a small discovery that is working hard to be considered a great example of tenacity.

Spelling of a dream: a community that gains value through spelling competitions

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