Mason Mount and Spelling Bee Woes

A spelling bee has taken quite an interesting turn. Bukayo Saka’s competition recently got a lot of laughs thanks to a well-known contestant by the name of Mason Mount. What word was Mount unable to spell correctly? That word was none other than the rather straightforward “occasionally.”


Saka has established a so-called “spelling school” that has recently taken social media by storm. The school has enjoyed appearances from Marcus Rashford, Declan Rice, James Maddison and Jack Grealish, to name a handful of athletic examples.

The famed Arsenal F.C. sensation has racked up an impressive three World Cup goals. He sneakily captured his sporty teammates trying to spell numerous vocabulary words. Rice, Maddison and Grealish, though, haven’t been able to correctly spell any of the words that were presented to them. This encouraged Mount to shake things up a bit. Maddison requested that the Chelsea F.C. player spell the basic “occasionally.” Mount immediately responded with “O-C-A…” The athlete had ruined his big shot just a few letters in. The teammates that were next to him at the table simply couldn’t suppress their laughs. The shot switched to Saka at that time as well. He was so horrified by the spelling error that he rapidly got up from his seat.


Mount practically instantly pinpointed his error. This prompted him say rather sheepishly, “Oh, double C!”

Maddison at that point wasn’t able to spell the word “aesthetic.” Rashford wasn’t able to handle “embarrassed.” Rice couldn’t tackle pronunciation. Grealish, last but definitely not least, couldn’t take on “rhythm.”

The beloved Leicester City F.C. powerhouse took it upon himself to give Saka a taste of his own medicine as well. Maddison asked Saka to spell the word “nauseous.” Fortunately, Saka was able to do so without any issue at all. It’s no big shocker that Saka’s spelling success spread like wildfire on social media. Supporters on the Internet couldn’t stop waxing poetic about the man they refer to as being their “star boy.” A member of Twitter tweeted excitedly, “That’s my boy.” Another person gushed that the World Cup’s greatest happenings revolved around the player and his abilities. Yet another person stated that he or she probably isn’t the sole individual who isn’t fond of witnessing positive interactions between competing players of sorts. A final social media user suspected that Mount wasn’t able to determine whether his spelling was incorrect or correct.

The world will be able to revel in Saka’s athletic prowess during Saturday’s anticipated quarter-final game with France.