NyTimes Union Strikes: Boycott Crossword, Wordle and Spelling Bee


New York Times Guild and other workers staged a strike for 24 hours, frustrated that their contract negotiations were dragging on for months. Following the walkout, the Guild asked the readers to respect the digital strike, even when it meant missing Wordle.

Editors, Photographers, and other employers rallied outside the offices of the NYT.

Members of the media union gathered outside the headquarters on Thursday to state their case for equal pay and fair contracts. There are 1,300 members of the media unit, and while they were striking non-union members were left to deliver the news content until the trike ended at 12 MD Friday. The strike commenced when both sides failed to reach a deal following lengthy negotiations, which broke down on Wednesday evening.

A statement from the NYT Guild read, ‘_This is not a decision that we take lightly’ ‘We know that you rely on us for information and news ‘._

We are fighting to ensure fair pay for everyone at the NYT, and to protect our healthcare. Without protection, our work suffers, and our pay is falling behind that of our competitors. When the contract expired in 2021 the workers accused the company of failing to negotiate a new contract in a timely manner.

The Union urged the public to boycott the paper’s puzzles and crossword in a show of support. Those who are worried that the puzzle might not be published during the strike might consider the La Times Crossword as an equally challenging alternative.


The Editor Joe Kahn said he was disappointed that the staff had decided to strike, while still negotiating wages and conditions.

Guild members are hoping to resolve salary issues including low pay, and a lack of promotion. and high-cost healthcare plans. Only a minimal rise in pay was given, even though the paper is highly profitable. One investigative journalist who won a Pulitzer Prize for investigative journalism spoke at a rally, voicing her disappointment at not receiving a living wage.

The Guild wants to see the paper overhauled to reflect equity, diversity, and inclusion of staff. Remote work and recognizing talented employees for retention were mentioned as a barrier at the publication, and many talented employees went elsewhere.

When negotiating contracts, management has insisted on givebacks from members of the Guild. The NYT Guild Chair Helen Verongos said. ‘ _That every year the company has remained inconsistent, going from one project to another and abandoning focus for the next big thing and failing to value its greatest asset, the workers’ ._

The NYT Guild Chair said ‘_After bargaining for higher wages for 20 months, I have seen management fail to give the members the pay rise they deserve, and if walking out is what is required to remind them, I am ready ‘._

Members of the NYT Guild thanked the public for their support in holding the Management Team accountable. We are tired of the management games. The Times reported on the walkout, and Mr.Kahn said that Thursday’s paper would be robust and that producing it will be more difficult than usual. The employers of the NYT asked the public ‘_To stand with us on the digital picket line’ ._