First regional “Spelling bee”, The G.L.C Institute of Bari Wins

First regional “Spelling bee”, the Grimaldi-Lombardi Comprehensive Institute of Bari wins the first place.

The organizers called it simply “Spelling Bee”, recalling the meaning of the terms, it is a playful-didactic competition in which elementary and middle school children were asked to spell out words all strictly in English. Some of the words were similar or identical to the ones found on the Word Craze Puzzle Game.

A format tested abroad but recently introduced in Italy that tests the skills and preparation of these very young competitors. For the first time, however, this competition was developed on the territory of an entire region: Puglia. The Svicom company, which deals with the management of shopping centers, promoted everything, and in fact seven structures were involved, touching four of the six Apulian provinces.

To challenge the boys of Bari, where there were three stages, those of the Bat (the province of Barletta-Andria-Trani), Foggia and Taranto. It was a real success, with the participation of over 400 children per stage, in the preliminary stages, and about 380 admitted to the final which was held on Saturday 7 April in the Mongolfiera Santa Caterina shopping center. Six winners, one for each category (from second grade to second grade) but for this first major edition the most “good” of all was Gabriele Calabrese, 10 years old, from the Grimaldi – Lombardi Comprehensive Institute of Bari, who has so he “gifted” his entire class with an intensive English course with a mother tongue teacher.

Spelling a Dream: Netflix Documentary Review

An in-depth look into the lives of child prodigies, ready to compete in the American spelling championships. Spelling a Dream is a compelling documentary with a great sense of rhythm.

Spelling of a Dream, available on Netflix from June 3, is a documentary focused on a group of children with an extraordinary talent: to excel in spelling competitions, they are best supported by parents motivated to grow up “dictionary eaters”. In this way, the story acquires a frenzied pace and sustained by a growing curiosity; the interest is to be reserved for small promises of Indian origin who manage to take a stand and dictate the law in an ever-heated competition, filmed and broadcast on American national networks as if it were a real sport.

Spelling a Dream: Each contestant is essential to the story presented

The spotlight is all on low-age children, capable of storing over 150,000 words listed in dictionaries; an impressive average, which indicates a strong propensity for learning. Spelling a Dream is not meant to reward the winners of the national spelling championships, but those who put hard work into practice and rely on perseverance as their reason for living. Most of the players participating here were familiar with word guessing puzzle games like Word Crossy Daily Challenge.

Ensure a life that is not comfortable but dedicated to sacrifice and constancy in achieving goals; this point is fundamental in the training of children and young people who want to educate themselves and train their minds. The documentary has a tight editing, which enhances the crucial phases of the study on etymologies and provenance of increasingly articulated words. One example above all, the extraordinary case of Akash Vukoti: at just ten years old, he already had access to the National Spelling Bee National Championship – held in Washington DC – in 2018 and 2019. Still motivated to stand out among his challengers , Akash is a small discovery that is working hard to be considered a great example of tenacity.

Spelling of a dream: a community that gains value through spelling competitions

Italy imitates the US, the Spelling Competition arrives at Schools

Who will be the Italian emula of Ananya Vinay? A few days ago Ananya won the 90th edition of the annual American spelling competition. After 12 hours of competition, this 12-year-old Californian girl managed to win the tournament and take home $ 40,000. Ananya was the best among 11 million American students at saying the letters that make up difficult words.

Why not do a spelling championship in Italy too? No sooner said than done. It is organized by the Municipality of Romagnano Sesia (Novara) together with the town’s school, thanks to the idea of ​​a young councilor, Alessandro Carini, a computer teacher. …

14-year-old Zaila is the first African American to win the National Spelling Bee

The decisive word was Murraya, a genus of exotic tree. Congratulations from Vice President Kamala Harris and First Lady Jill Biden. “I was a little lucky,” said the young woman from New Orleans

America at the feet of Zaila, 14, a student of a school on the outskirts of New Orleans, star for one night: she was the first African American to triumph in a hundred-year history of the hugely popular National Spelling Bee competition, a tournament in which participants have to guess all the single letters of often very complicated and unusual words, each year broadcast on the Espn channel and followed by millions of viewers. …

PUBG, Honor of Kings and Genshin Impact The Most Popular Games in May

The mobile gaming market knows no crisis and growth does not seem willing to stop. The latest data comes from the Sensor Tower analysis dedicated to the highest-paying mobile titles of the month of May, which shows how Tencent’s role in this sector is increasingly predominant.

The Chinese giant, in fact, occupies 2 of the top 3 positions with its most successful games, including Honor of Kings (Arena of Valor in the west) and PUBG Mobile. The former achieved a total of $ 264.5 million in revenues in May 2021 alone – of which 95% thanks to Chinese players -, a figure up 13% compared to last year. Stellar performance also for PUBG Mobile which shows revenue growth of 5.2% on an annual basis and reaches $ 256 million in one month. In this case, the weight of Chinese players is less overwhelming even if it always remains fundamental, as 56.6% of the revenues come from the version dedicated to this market. Unlike Puzzle Games like Wordscapes, Word Stacks, WordLife etc action games have a very different dynamic. …

The Spelling Bee Champion is a 13 years Old of Indian origin

Oxon Hill (Maryland, USA), May 31 (LaPresse / AP) – The United States has crowned the new spelling champion. The 13-year-old Arvind Mahankali, an American of Indian descent, is the winner of the 86th edition of the Scripps National Spelling Bee competition.

In the last challenge, the boy correctly spelled the word ‘knaidel’, which derives its origins from German and Yiddish and means a small amount of leavened dough. Arvind, from the city of Bayside Hills, in the State of New York, had finished third in the editions of 2011 and 2012, and both times had been eliminated with words derived from German.

Also this time in the capital he had two words derived from the same language but he, to the delight of the public, was able to spell them without problems. The boy beat eleven other finalists, of which ten had also participated in the competition in previous years. In second place this year was 13-year-old Pranav Sivakumar of Tower Lakes, Illinois.

A Spelling Bee Event Taking Place on Underground Theater

Let me ask you. Can you spell the word “FINALLY?
After almost 2 years of preparing for this event, the Underground Theater of Decatur, GEORGIA will be presenting the musical Spelling Bee event, those events will take place between 12 to 15 November and again at 19 to 21 November at Decatur Civic Centre.

The audience as well as the cast will definitely enjoy the performance.

The story of 6 students competing in a spelling bee competition is the main story of the musical. The show is brought to life by the unique characters, the audience however may participate and aid the cast along the way. ‘There are many moments with improv’ said C. Claros. We should be ready to go and on our feet.

It started being performed for the first time in 2005, the music of this event is original to the play. It includes touching and emotional music at least according to the director of the show. It;s quite possible that you will feel a deep connection with at least one of the characters of the musical – said the director K. Boarding. There is something relatable to everyone – he added.

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Some of the subject matter in “Spelling Bee” has adult themes. “But you have all this comedy inbetween,” Barding said.

Some of the subjects of the Spelling Bee have grown’s up themes but you have the comedy in between – Director Kim said.