NYT Spelling Bee Answers

New York Times Spelling bee is a daily puzzle which can be played online or in the Games App It has become a popular game among puzzle enthusiasts.

The game is a circular honey-comb shaped puzzle and the center letter is surrounded by 7 other letters. The letter on the center is a mandatory letter which all words must have. The goal of the game is to form as many words as possible using the letters given to you. A valid answer must be at least 4 letters long. Abbreviations or hyphenated words are not allowed.

The game gives you bonus points based on the length of the word and complexity. The words that use all the letters of the grid and longer words, are worth more points. Pangrams are words that use all the letters in the grid at least once. Sometimes the puzzle can have as much as 3 pangrams. Pangrams earn you extra points.

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